Hello looking to help give knowledge on rare fish

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Characin lover

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Sep 9, 2023
Hi I’m the charcin lover. I’ve come to this forum to be able to talk among other fellow aquarists and to give info on fish that are not often worked with enough in the trade. I’m freshwater exclusive but I hope to eventually learn the ropes of salt water fish. I currently work with South American cichlids, freshwater oddball fish of all kinds (puffers, knife fish, eels, leaf fish, mud skippers) I have 7 years of experience working alongside fish and my big goal is to help people feel more comfortable caring for rare species as I believe that the info can be misleading on websites for the more elusive species. I hope that my help with gaining info on these fish will be valuable to both those who want to take care of the species or those who simply want to know about the more elusive species that don’t come to stores very often. Ive posted a photo of my favorite tank that has a nice variety of south American fishes. I also would like to note that I purely study and care for these animals and I do not plan on selling them.


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Hi and welcome to the site. :flowers:

Sadly, we don't see many oddballs these days but I always loved getting them in my shipments when I was an importer. (y)

Ask away on your saltwater questions. I started keeping marines in the early 1970s so I know a couple of things that I can share. ;) ;) (y) I've also built marine systems in wholesale houses and pet stores so I know a few tricks there too. :D :whistle:
here we dont ever see anything special. i do enjoy going to big cities and going to the fish stores!

welcome! it is always great to have someone who wants to help!
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