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Feb 16, 2014
Hi I recently set up a 55 gallon, i had several tanks including a 75 before our house renovation, had to give them all away, and am just now getting back into the aquarium hobby. So far I am enjoying the active community here :)
I am trying to insert a pic, hopefully this works.

Hi welcome to the forum :) nice set up! What stock do you have?

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Thanks! Definitely looking to get a background, I have also ordered some more plants, have to do it in stages :)

Currently we have 4 platies, all females I think with red tails (can't remember what kind they are), 2 baby bristle nose plecos, and 6 baby clown loaches. Next year we are going to upgrade to a 90 gallon so the clown loaches will have room to grow. With the house renovation complete I can fit a 6 foot wide tank on the wall where this one is currently with plenty of room left.

This is my first time having this many plants (i had them in ones and twos before), so far i am liking it. I bought the Fluval LED light (my gosh it's light!), but i didn't get the plant one, however they all seem to be growing well so far. Nothing fussy though trying to keep that part simple. I did add fluorite under the gravel, however I am still researching what types of fertilizer etc to add. Right now I have a "plant pack" from seachem with iron, excel, and micronutrients.

The poor loaches were all 1.5 inches when i got them, and immediately developed ich. I used salt 1 tsp/gallon for a week and have the heat up at 86 for 2.5 weeks, it looks all clear now. I haven't added any more salt with the last 2 water changes. I am not sure if I should cut the heat back yet, I need to research that as well. Everyone looks clear and they are eating and playing in the evening.

Thanks for the interest all!
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