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Nov 2, 2012
New York City
Hello, my name is Yazmin. It's my first time having an aquarium. I have a dwarf guorami for like a month or so. The first time I set up my tank I was impressed by how "cute" I had set it up but then I realized its not the cuteness that counts but the environment. So I'm here to learn how I can keep my fish happy and healthy. I have many questions and I hope that here I can get some of them answered.

Thanks for reading! :)
Thank you everyone!!

I don't have many pictures of my fish tank but I do have a question. On Thursday I noticed my fish had developed two hole in his top and back fin and a wound on the side of his face near his gills. I don't know what it could be. I always condition the water when I change it.
I guess I should ask what kind of fish has the holes? Is it the Dwarf Gourami? Can you see if there any tiny worm like things inside the holes?

also there is a Dwarf Gourami disease, you can check that one too.
It's just a simple hole no worms no nothing coming out of it. Yes it's a male dwarf gourami. He seems a bit more shy that usual. Ill put up a picture so you can see
Hi yazmin and welcome to AA:) I always do a few small water changes and try to feed some treats for the fish and sometimes that can cure a fish simply by giving it cleaner water and a better diet. Treats such as frozen food or even live food. Good luck(y)
Ok I will and thanks for the advice :)

I do feed him bloodworms but not so often I'm not really sure how often he should eat them.
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