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Jun 5, 2023
Rochester, NY
Hi everyone, I’m Rosie! I’ve been keeping fish since 2018. I first became interested in this after I learned my family used to also keep fish before I was born. My set up has almost always been the same. I have a 10 gallon tank with tetras and the story goes like this: When I first started I had 6 glofish tetras and quickly learned about proper cycling. After poor advice from the pet store employee, only 3 remained. Then eventually only one glofish was left after one died from stress, and the other was somehow sucked through the filter :(. Not knowing how lonely that little fish must’ve been, I did not get anymore until he passed in 2019. Worried I would just kill more, and not knowing they do better in groups, I picked up two more glofish. Now with more knowledge, one of those fish lived for years, after successfully battling swim bladder disease, but passing away this past March from ich. In 2022 I was gifted a guppy from my friend who wanted to spare him from the frogs in her tank, but he didn’t last that long after passing away from dropsy. Last year before my one glofish got sick, I picked up my two black skirt tetras and one white skirt tetra. My white skirt tetra passed away from what I learned was skinny disease at the beginning of this year. I have my three tetras left, one glofish from 2019 and my two regular black skirt tetras from 2022. Now I’m in the process of setting up a new 29 gallon tank. I love keeping fish and want to become a better fish parent! I follow the aquarium subreddit but don’t get many replies there so now I’m here :)
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