help glueing acyrilic sump

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Oct 30, 2005
Lillington, nc
i have a question, i built my sump from a kit i bought online and it was pieces of acyrlic that i had to assemble piece to piece it came with some type of acyrlic cement. I really want to seal the inside of the sump with some sillicone..... what type of sillicone can i use??? the tank seems oky but inside some of the baffles have slight gaps in the sides thats why i wanted to sillicone it and get a better seal any ideas??
thank you verrrry much!!
I dont think you will get a good seal using silicone on acrylic. try and find some glue by the name IPS weld-on #16 cement for acrylic sheet. You can use that to fill in your gaps.
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