HELP! I Added Salt to an already established fresh water tank

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I am looking into RO/DI filters and am taking your guys's advice. Do you all think spectra pure is the way to go? and even tho I have a 72" tank from what I've read I wont be doing very big water changes? Sorry but I just sold my 30+ fish and am used to doing 50% or more weekly..... So if I am only doing small water changes lets say 20% a week(is that a good number?) which size would I need what are your suggestions?


20% weekly changes will be more than adequate with a good skimmer, and good fish husbandry.
I would also agree that you need to strip the tank down and start from scratch. Taking short cuts in this hobby is a recipe for failure and a mighty big waste of money.
I agree, 20% should be fine as long as you have a skimmer and don't overfeed or overstock.

I also have a 6 foot tank and I use this ro/di unit:
75 GPD RO/DI 5 Stage *PLUS* System - English

I was using an ebay unit but it was smaller and portable, I recently went with the larger and more industry standard that i linked.
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