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Apr 25, 2013
Cottonwood, Arizona
I'm standing in this guys garage looking at tanks he got from a foreclosure, and need your help,
1st question. I've searched google but can't find the answer.
A bow front that stands 20" tall, 13" front to back at the ends and 16.6" front to back in the middle and 36" end to end. How many gallons?
How tough and expensive would it be to find a lid?
And, would the stand that I have that is 36x13 work for it if I put a wider board on it to take care of the bow? Or would that be too flimsey?
You may be looking at a 36 Gl. You can order the lid online. Stand I think if you use to 1/2"boards it may work.
Also, if these were reptile cages, is that dangerous to put fish in?

I've decided against the bow front, I discovered its a 46 gal
I did a quick search an found them for $30. Now you can go to a hardware store and get one made for less
I've discovered that whoever the owner was just left his animals to die! One of these have a couple of those giant hissing cockroaches dead in there! (Not that I think ANY cock roaches should live!!yuck)
Well good luck finding some thing more suitable to your needs. I've learned that bigger is better in this hobby.
Thank you! But I think I'm concerned about a way top heavy stand with the bowfront. So now I'm looking at 20 gal longs. I have a ten gallon now.
Am I just going to be disappointed that I got a 20? I'm really wanting a 29, I think. None of these have lids.and they are really dirty, lots of calcium or something.. Someone be my voice of reason. Do I get a 20, even though I want a 29 or 30, without a lid, that will cost anothe 30 or so, on top of the 15. Or...should I let these pass by, and hope for something better?
Craiglist is another option. I would definitely would try to get the biggest you can. I stated with a 20 and four tanks later have a 75 with a homemade stand
Well, that's true huh? Good point.

I'm supposed to call this guy in the am.

Oh, any danger in putting fish in a tank that was previously the home of an unknown kind of snake? Anything I should be concerned about?
And can one grow live plants in a 29 gal, with a typical led hood?
You can bleach your tank. 1 cup bleach to nine parts water. This will help you desinfect. There are lots of low light plants that will work. Anubias, crypts, java fern, water sprite.
Ok, so bleach is ok? I'm assuming ill need to then rinse really really well. Then vinegar? So far, I have used vinegar on everything I get for a tank. Then clear rinse water.
Right now, I have the tank out back, with a full load of water to test for leaks. So far so good. However, while filling it, I got to looking, and it seems like it might have had a cross bar on the top. I will post a picture in the daylight tomorrow. If you think it should have one, well..,that's what I'll do. (Hopefully someone will be able to tell me how to do it.)
Thanks again for your help. Much appreciated.
Yes, rinse the heck out of if. And if it was used for a reptile tank, I'd do a test fill in your garage first, to make sure the seams are good.
Yes, I DID do a test fill, and that was kinda what got me wondering if I should put a cross bar, center tank? It came with a hinged snake lid, you know, the one with a metal screen mesh, hinged down the middle. I decided to leave it full overnight, just to be certain. I put the screen top back on (to keep anyone from falling in, or something.). I noticed that at the center, the lid no longer fit. I sort of had to push the 2 long edges together a little, as it had bowed out.
Given that, should I put together a cross bar for this tank? I would wait until I got my lid, so I don't do something that interferes with the lid.

Then today, I went back over to the guy that I got the 29 gal from (for $10 by the way) and went ahead and bought the 46 gal bowfront that he had too. (Also for $10). My daughter bought a 90 gal that she's going to use for her snake. She also got a 20 gal long for her fish. The 20 is gonna be for her fish, but not until she has a different place to live. (She is living in a 40' trailer at a Flagstaff KOA with her boyfriend and her working there.)
All of these tanks, $10 each!
I plan on setting up the 29 gal, and putting the bow front away. I'm not really ready for that big of a tank yet. I just figured I better grab it because it is unlikely I'll come across something like that again!
I want to use sand as my substrate in the 29 gallon. I have a Whisper filter for a 20-40 gal. I read on its instructions that its not good for a tank with sand. What filter IS used for a sand tank? Also, I really like using an under gravel filter even when I have HOBs. Could I use one if I screened the grate, to keep the sand from going thru it?
I'll probably star a new thread as I start building this this, so I can get help as needed.
To boil this down, I have on 3 questions(this time?)
1) Should I make a cross bar for the 29?(if so, how?)
2) What type of filter is appropriate for a sand substrate?
3) Has anyone ever used an under gravel filter under sand?
Oh wait, and I need a good cheap place to get sand, black preferably, that glitters some?
Goodnight, y'all!
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