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Mar 15, 2012
New York
I have a salt water test kit and when i test the phosphate the color card goes from real light yellow (0.0) to real drak blue (10.0). I dont know what color is a good color for the phosphate. I also can test the nitrates and the color cards go from yellow (0ppm) to real dark red (160) and i also dont know what color is a good color is for that too. it also tests calicum and i dont what good colors are, can anyone help?
Phosphates should be at 0

Nitrates need to be below 20

Sounds like you have some issues with your water.

What do you do to make Salt Water?? Do you mix your own? Are you using RO/DI water?

Are you doing a reef with SPS? If not you dont really need to check your calcium, alk or mag. The salt mix should be enough to maintain basic soft and LPS corals. From what your saying now you should be worried about your Ammonia, Nitrite, Nitrate and phosphate levels

thanks everything in my tank is doing good i was just asking if anyone knew what color is a safe color when i test. and all im doing is a basic tank with alot of live rock and some polyps and basic invertebrates but no expensive corals do to my lighting.
I can't answer what color is best...I need to know what the numbers are. You do not want phosphates in the tank at all. You want Nitrates to be as low as possible. below 20

Cant help you much more than that with the info provided...
Do you have the cards that came with your kit? They show the color in comparison with a number. We can help more with that info.
Better yet what company makes your test kit? Based on that can get you better answer. If its a API test kit. You want your nitrate as close to yellow as possible as nitrates above 20 can be toxic to corals and inverts. Ammonia should be a goofy off yellow (snot green) and phosphate should look around the same as the ammonia. (goofy yellow). Red sea makes a amazing test kit IMO. You should check it out on YouTube. Much easier to read than any other test kit I've ever owned.
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