Help sexing Neon blue / Electric blue Ram

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Nov 14, 2022

Making this thread in attempt to accurately sex my Electric blue ram, I do not have another in the tank to make any comparisons, I have been finding it difficult to determine.

Please see attached images:



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I don’t know. Have you googled? Maybe you can find a YouTube video.
I don’t know. Have you googled? Maybe you can find a YouTube video.

Thanks for a quick reply!

Actually on the case with trying to research / find a solid method in sexing the Ram. I found this website today and registered here to ask someone with a bit more experience in this breed.

Looking to make a pair as soon as possible! :D

Just not so confident in determination, and I do not want to end up with two males.
Here’s a pic I found for you. This takes a trained eye. I’ve read about sexing my own and get all confused except for the ones where the girl is yellow and the boy blue. LOL


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Based on this picture I'm leaning towards it being a female,

Hard to tell in the pictures I guess because of the contrasting blue hue.

The ventral fins are not pointed like the male in that picture, where my rams fin meets cleanly with the tip of the spine.

Also the dorsal fin seems to be more rounded than pointed. (can't really tell from the reference as it seems to be contracted on the female example.)

Still definitely not confident enough to say, trained eye is what I need hahaha.
Yeah, it gets tricky. There should be a ram Facebook group, probably several.

Here’s a pic of the ones I can easily sex. I have 2 girls and 1 boy. I recently saw a dozen or so babies hiding under the foam filter I use for aeration. .


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We need pictures of the fish under normal light and with a dark substrate, a picture on the back of the tank, and some plants, so the fish feels secure. They won't show up any breeding colours in a bare bottom tank under blue light.

As a general rule with blue rams (German blue rams, or any other variety of blue ramirezi dwarf cichlid), the females get a pink patch on their belly when they are in breeding condition. Males get bigger and have longer fins than females, and males don't have a pink belly. The pink belly only shows up on mature females that are happy and in good condition.

If you want a breeding pair of rams (or any other cichlid), buy a group of 8-10 young fish and grow them up together. Let them pr off and remove the prs to their own tanks for breeding. If you just stick any two fish together, they might not get along and will fight or ignore each other. Sometimes putting two any fish together works but not always.
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