Help with algae problem please!

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Aug 11, 2004
Wisconsin, USA
Ive been having a really bad algae problem lately. I have 3 different types of algae i can see in my tank right now. #1 is a pinkish brown algae that grows all over my crushed coral gravel during the day, and then dies off over night, only to return the next day. #2 is a redish purple stringy algea that just grows on some of the rocks, and #3 is a light to dark green algae that look like hair ( I think its hair algea) that also grows on the rocks. How can I get rid of the algae in time for christmas so my tank looks nice? Ive been doing small water changes every day, but dont want to turn off my light since I just got a new coral. Thanks for any input!

Do I need a better filter? Im using a penguin Bio wheel filter right now, thinking about getting a canister or protien skimmer.
Unwanted algea in the tank is is sign of excess nutrients. This is normally found in form of PO4. The first thing I suggest is buying a PO4 test kit. Test you tank water and you source water. You may also need to adjust your feeding and lighting shcedule. What are you doing now? How old are your bulbs? From the desciption, sounds like you have a cynobacteria outbreak. Many of us have been through this as well. Testing PO4 is the first step. Let us know what your levels are at. Lando
My Light Bulb is about 3 weeks old. Is a coral life 10,000 K bulb. I got it before i got the corals. Right now I turn the light on at 7:00 am and feed the fish a little bit before i go to school. Then when I get home i usually feed them and once before I go to bed. Lights out at 9:00 or 9:30. Gonna look for a PO4 test kit. Thanks Lando!
Glad to help. I would cut back on feedings for now. Once every other day should be okay. Bulb is new and not a problem. My guess is a PO4 issue. get some levels and we will be able to help you resolve this. Happy Holidays! Lando
Oh yah...cut back the lighting for now. 10hrs will be more then enough.
Got a Po4 filter pad that i cut to fit in the back of my pengiun filter. Hope it works! Also, when i do water changes i tend to stir up the gravel and little particles float around, which i think may also be a cause of the algae blooms, because it seems a couple days after i clean the tank i get algae growth. Could this also be a cause. Thanks.
Have you tested your nitrates as well? Crushed coral sometimes traps food and waste and creates more nitrates which also feeds algea. I am going to go for a sump/refuguim, found a good price on one. With the plants it is sopposed to reduce both nitrates and phosphates naturally. Can't say from personal expeirence that it works, but it seems to do the job for many reefers.
I had algae types 1 and 2 on your list. One week after I had a skimmer working, it was all gone, and never came back. In a tank without any LR, you might want to really look into a skimmer to help remove nutrients and waste from the water.

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