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i do have a power head(max 1200GPH) but if i turned it on he would roll around in the tank and eventually get stuck in the back behind my rocks.
The reason why it's not attaching is because it's not happy where it is. It wants to blow around and if behind the rocks is the place it stops, then that's where it's "happy".
If it's not ideal back there for it, it will creep up the rock on it's own.
You can't force an anemone to position itself in the ideal viewing spot. Where they end up is where they end up. This is why many people do without them. they can cruise around the tank and sting everything they touch until they are in the ideal place.
Don't worry, if it stays behind the rock, it will be viewable pretty soon, because they grow very fast.
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mr_X said:
I don't think you have enough flow in the tank. Your alkalinity isn't the reason.

You have enough light for lots of soft corals and even a few easy to satisfy LPSs. If you want an easy way to keep a more stable alkalinity you could aerate your RO water before mixing your salt. Some people may disagree but I, and quite a few experts, have tested this out and found that it does help. Having good water flow also makes a difference, both to your inhabitants and for your water chemistry. There's a good reason we all have powerheads.
Thanks mr. x but I took the anemone back today, hey did give me store credit and when I get the chemistry back together I might go get him back. I also added some buffer to raise the alkalinity too. And I turned my power head back on. Thanks for all the help every one. To poster above what LPS corals could I keep with my lighting. I really love them.
Try a trumpet coral. I grew and propagated many for years with only 2 VHOs over a 30L. It's a good one to try first because you can get propagated ones everywhere and if it doesn't make it, and it should if your already keeping healthy leathers, at least you won't be harming something that was singularly removed from the ocean. After you're comfortable keeping that you can try frogspawn and decide if you want to get more light to help out with more demanding ones. BYW are you using a skimmer?
Yea I like them a lot. I'm also into easy dragging or propagation. So I'll get a trumpet coral. yes I am using a skimmer. Its a HOB red sea prizm. I haven't be using it recently because there was no lid(super loud) but I just got it today so its up and running smoothly. How often should I have to empty the goo out.
That would depend on the stock list. the more fish, the more food and poop, the more skimmate production.
Duncans are also fairly easy, like trumpet/candy canes.
But there should be a slow flow of ski mate coming our of the skimmer right. I don't want to over skim the water
Over-skimming the water is referring to a huge skimmer on a smaller tank. A constant flow over the lip of the skimmer is called a wet skim.
You should have it set to where the bubbles just barely come over the lip, not constantly overflowing it.
Too wet a skim can effect your water level in the sump, if it's pulling out too much water, then effecting the adjustment of the skimmer.
Too dry a skim will not get the organics out of the water, and cause the throat of the skimmer to get prematurely fouled with gunk.
You'll find the right adjustment! Good luck with it.
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