Help with eheim classic 2215

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Jul 29, 2006
After 12 months of perfect running and despite regular cleaning my eheim 2215 has started to pump very poorly. I have pulled it apart and cleaned it from "top-to-toe" and there has been no change. I have even run it without the media. There is no problem with the priming.

Any ideas?
Thanks for the reply.
I have inspected the impeller and I can report that it turns freely between incremental "stop points" which it can be easily moved past. Are these "stop points" normal?
The system is magnetic, so there will be varrying resistance to turning. The pivot should be smooth, but the impeller naturally wants to rest where the magnetic field lines up. If you pull the impeller away from a sticky point, it should swing back towards the sticky spot when you let go. Does the impeller pull out? There's often some slime buildup on the impeller and in the impeller socket.
The impeller does as you have described. All slime etc has been removed from the outside of the impeller and from the socket.
I only set up my first canister a week ago, so I'm not too familiar with the maintenance yet. But that's what I was thinking - check your hoses and maybe make sure a shutoff valve on the in and out ports on top of the canister are not turned off.
Shut off valves definitely open. Have checked input/output tubes and no blockages but I will double-check and advise.
The impeller can possibly be worn, causing it to make noise. Can you see any worn spots, or is it thinner than the rest of the impeller "stick". Can you tell where the noise is comming from? I had the same problem and ran the top part of my fluvial over the sink, with no water and found the ipmeller was sticking, due to the slime built up in the hole....
Tubes are clear. I think that it must be the impeller. I'll get it checked out at the store from where it was purchased. Thanks to all who offered advice.

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