help with filter please???

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Jun 14, 2006
Misawa Japan
alright, i got my canister filter opened up, and this is what is in it. can somebody help me out and let me know what i should remove?

now, none of these brands are what i have, seeing as though i am in japan and use japanese stuff. these links however are what the stuff i have looks like and if i were to order replacements for what i have, these would be pretty close to what i would look for. thanks for any help guys. (and girls)

Any idea how much your "8 large rocks" weigh? I assume since you have 7 chromis in the tank the lr you have is providing enough bio-filtration so I'd remove all the media (sponge, bio-media) from the canister filter.

You could use it solely for circulation cleaning every other week or use Purigen which is a synthetic resin which works similarly to carbon but a whole lot better :)
i would say that there is about 35 to 40 lbs of live rock in there. i'm not sure that is enough yet to remove the filter. i am getting ready to order about 25 lbs of base rock, and by the time it gets here, i should have about another 10 lbs of live rock added in the tank, so that's when i'll think about completley removing the filter.
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