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66 gallon, no Ive had the tank for one month now. Fish weren't put in until tank cycled, started with damsels to make sure everything was okay, then cycled these guys in
Oh ok, I thought you said tank was only two weeks old? In any case there shroud be no traces of ammonia in a properly cycled tank, it is poisonous to fish. Anemones need stable water parameters and pristine water conditions, hence why it is recommended to wait 6 months to a year before adding them. To be honest I am not sure what you can do at this point, larger water changes will be needed to bring the ammonia down but understand you can't do that right now. Is it nighttime where you are? If it makes it through the night I would be running out to get as much water as you can tomorrow. Be aware tho, if it dies in the tank it is likely to take everything out with it...
I'm thinking about running to Walmart and getting a big thing of salt and purified water and just mixing it. If it doesn't look better in an hour I will take it out. It might just be me but I feel like it's doing better. Odk :(

Hm mine does! I guess thank god for that haha


He seems to be coming back to full swing. Possibly just releasing everything?? I know it was a ton of waste and might have been the cause for the ammonia spike out of nowhere, being I just did a water change not an hour before.
Okay so here's something weird it's coming back to pretty strong like it was. But when I turn the lights off it starts shriveling back up?! What in the world is going on
I know nobody is responding but I thought it would be good to keep posting the progress and change through it.

I'm here and rooting for the little guy but I have no advice sorry! :)
Glad its looking better. So how many T5 bulbs do you have? Nems are photosynthetic and need lots of light along with good water conditions.
I have 6 t5 bulbs and have them going for 8 hours at night (for heat purposes) and leave the moonlights on the rest of the time and of course natural light
You have your lights on all night? You should only be running your lights for 6-8 hours a day, some run moonlights a bit before and after then complete darkness through the evening. Long periods of light will lead to nuisance algae. If you have a problem with temp buy a heater, they are cheap enough.
Yes. Your tank needs a day and a night like everything else. I keep my light on during the day and turn it off at night when i go to bed, easy.
With the nem, I would suggest light 8-10 hours a day. I have mine on for 12 hours and I have Kessil led. The light is the main source of food for the nem. And just and FYI, natural sunlight into a tank can cause some algae problems.
Lights run 8 hours at night, not all day. I do it at might because my tank gets up to 81.5 when the lights go on
Everything is looking better, I am going to my lfs today and getting more water and will do a 40% water change just to be sure.

every living thing has a cycle running your lights 8 hrs at night affects that cycle ....EXAMPLE:
natural daylight all day than 8 hrs of light at night is throwing off the photosynthesis aspect in other words confusing everything , everything needs some light and also a period of total darkness .....EXAMPLE
I run my moonlights 2 hrs in the am than at 10am my lights come on 7pm lights go off leaving moon lights on for another 2 hrs than total darkness , if you have a issue with keeping your tank warm at night invest in a heater ,
your having issues with your nem because you are throwing it off confusing it , not only are you stressing it but in time it will die from that stress
the lights are not there to heat your tank ! they simulate the sun as naturally as they can , I hope I explained this correctly as I have problems typing my thoughts correctly lol
Thank you for your help on the issue, what I meant about the heat is my tank gets up to 81 from the heat of the lights, it's a closed system and will get too warm. I try and keep it at 79 I'll start doing 8 hours in the morning and moon lights till around 10 then have total darkness. Sound better?
if your having heat issues you can go with a egg crate top it lets the tank breath
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