here comes a snail question!! (duck) :)

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Sep 17, 2004
San Diego, CA
Ok, i was just wondering what the guru's here think about this question that came to my mind..

One of my oldtimer snails had been cleaning algae off of a couple of my rocks, he had been really active and cleaned alot of the algea of of a couple good size rocks. But he has now been stationary for about 2 days, not budging from his perch on one of my live rocks. My question..How long do you watch your snails for signs of movement before calling "time of death" and removing said corpse from the tank? :)

i would try moving him if you think he is dead....if he is still attatched to the rock then he's still with you
I've had freshwater snails float for a week and then come back to life . . . I call 'em when I find an empty shell. :)
Lol blorkiemon, thanks everyone, i suppose when they die they will just be dinner for my crabs heh, and i will watch for empty shells :)

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