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Aug 24, 2013

I am a Freshwater guy and currently have 2 tanks:)

40 gallon Amazon tank(planted)
2 small koi angels
1 very small wild angel
1 medium sized marble angel
3 oto's
2 peppered cories
2 juli cories
6 red eye tetras
2 flame tetras
1 regular neon(he is a loner and Is way to big for the angelfish to eat,He never hangs out with his species?)
3 black neons
4 black skirt tetras

55 gallon cichlid tank(has some plants well anchored)

2 giant Parrot fish(have breed before)
1 small electric yellow cichlid
3 small albino convicts(there are 2 males that kind have oscar markings?)
1 small firemouth
1 med. pleco
1 evil gold gourmi:cool:
1 camo cichlid(dosnt have a common name and the latin name has slipped my mind)
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