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Nov 28, 2009
So I decided to join this forum after reading around. I have had fish a few years back and decided to get back into it about 3 months ago. Right now I have a FW 20 gallon high hospital tank, it wasn't one before and really not sure if the fish (3 clown barbs) are going to make it. :(

I also have a FW 46 gallon with 5 bala sharks, 3 madagascar rainbows, 2 turqouise rainbows, 2 other rainbows (cannot remember what they were), 2 bolivian rams, 3 cory cats, 1 oto and 1 rubbernose pleco.

Both tanks are planted, but I cannot remember what kind of plants I have. So I will be asking you guys later.
Welcome to AA! :) The bala sharks get to over a 1' long(more precise 14")so you might want to reconsider them!Hope that helps!
Hey, thanks for the welcome. Everyone here seems pretty friendly. I have taken the time and read about Bala Sharks. I plan on getting a 125 gallon tank after I move in the summer. I don't at least I hope they won't grow that fast. I just love them soooooooo much. They are funny guys.
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