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Sorry new to this I was just seeking advice for my newish 40l tank I've got two platys and two zebra daminos

Should I keep the daminos as I've read that they need to be at least six
And what fish/ how many would be good to get as I like to make the most of the tank for my daughter so bright colours etc as shes 6months old and loves them

The 40L translates to a 10 gallon tank and the foot print (horizontal swimming space) is a little small for active fish such as danios; this include glofish.

Suitable alternatives include White Cloud Mountain minnows, harlequin rasboras, tetras (the smaller varieties), and guppies. I not sure how much of each you should add. Hopefully others will chime in with their input.

The aqua advisor site does a nice job providing feedback on your tank setup when you supply the tank dimensions, filters, types and numbers of fish you plan to add.
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