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May 21, 2014
Clarksville, Tennessee
I am a new member to this aquarium website family. My fiancé and I have 3 tanks but two of them have fish. The other one houses my turtles❤️.
My biggest tanks is a 40gallon and houses 4 plecos; 2 average ones, a baby and an 8 or 9 inch one. A butterfly Pleco and a medusa Pleco. Also I have 3 catfish; a 7 inch redtail, a 4 inch giraffe nose, and a 4 inch redtail/shovel nose hybrid. 2 gars; an alligator and Spotted both about 8 inches. A toadfish about 4 Inches and a full grown Albino African clawed frog and a Jack Dempsey.
My other tank is a 12 gallon tank with feeder fish and a marbled headstander fish. We were going to put him in the bigger tank but he has a swim bladder issue so we let him be long of the feeder fish. ?
Welcome to the forum. Looks like your tank is a bit overcrowded.
Actually you would think it is but because of how we have it set up and where each fish tends to spend it's time swimming it works out great. But we do plan on getting a bigger tank soon along with building a pod for the cats and gars.
Sorry but I'm gonna have to agree your well overstocked. A single Gar should be in a minimum of at least 70g and I would do at least a 180g for two. The Shovelnose I wouldn't keep in anything less than a 150g. Hopefully you've got a ton of filtration and go above and beyond with a WC routine.
Oh of course and when I got these fish I knew very well what I was getting in to not going in this blindly. They are going to have a pond soon though so it's not big worry. Water is clean and there's no fighting between fish, all get along perfectly and have swimming room. But I respect your concerns.
I hope your planning a huge pond in the within the year. Retails grow an inch a month and IMO don't belong in people's houses or tanks. Same with the alligator gar. If it is truly an alligator gar then good luck. I want no business of a fish that gets 6-7 ft. Sorry by putting them in a 40 is IMO not appropriate by any means. Good luck but honestly I'd rethink keeping these fish until you have a proper home for them. Most ponds or big tanks rarely happen for many reason. Good luck
Yes and like I said to the other people who were concerned, I am going to have a pond for them and they are young and have room. I am not hurting them and since my fiancé has an architectural degree we won't have any problem. And before buying any of these fish I DID MY RESEARCH and growing up I Florida I know all about Gars and the size they get too. So thank you very much for your concern.
Fair enough! Sounds like you have a grasp on what you will need to do for these fish. Welcome to the forum :D btw
Thank you I appreciate it and I appreciate the concern for the fish, I know no one on here wants to think someone is mistreating their fish! It's just I've been around fish all my life and I plan on opening an aquarium store so I know what I need to know. ?
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