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Sep 23, 2014
Ben here.
I'm new to having salt water fish but I also have a fresh water for years. My Maine focus to joining is in case I need advice on my saltwater. Is a 75gl tank with live rock, I have 2 clown fish a flaming angel, Bristletooth Tomini Tang,(small and will go to a different tank)Harlequin Tusk,Niger Triggerfish,scooter blenny, some hermit crabs and snails and a few mushrooms and one letter I was given as a present. Now the triggerfish and the harlequin will be leaving to a different tank in the next few months. I rescue them from a place that was going just kill them. I have the thank for 3 months everything is good no problems so far and all my levels are good. Will be looking for info on what I can add to thank and if things appear for advice on how to take care of stuff.

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