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May 10, 2011
Hi people,

I had an aquarium many moons ago, 25 gallon with lots of Neon Tetras, it never gave me any real trouble.


I've moved into a new house and it has this window area kinda between the lounge and kitchen which would be awesome for an aquarium. Dimensions are (CM, I'm Irish) 68Lx21Dx110H.

I've read some about the issues facing a tall tank and was wondering if anyone has done something along these lines?

What fish/plants would be no nos in such a tank? Would I be able to go saltwater?

Anyway, I think this page is only really meant to be an intro but I'll try post on one of the other forum pages with a pic of the space I'm working with.

Any ideas greatly appreciated!:)
Replying to myself, the shame

Talked to a very helpful local marine aquarium store owner and he very gently dissuaded me from the crazy tall aquarium.
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