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Apr 15, 2011
Had aquarium over 20 hrs ago.......bred Angels. My son recently gave up on his 29 gal ...so I thot I'd give it another try. I started breeding Kribs but there was so much turmoil with the male looking after the brood but constantly chasing after the female! I wanted a more peaceful tank so am trying fancy guppies but having hard time keeping the frys as they eventually disappear! Am thinking of starting another tank and putting female in just before birth. Great site!
Hi Aquashare,
I have guppies (which means I have fry), and strangely have a similar issue.
There's probably a certain amount of cannibalism, but it's also worth looking at your filter intake. I have enclosed mine with a fine net, so the small fish don't get sucked into the filter (& I guess they wouldn't be saying 'wow... what a ride' !!). A separate tank is clearly the best way to go, but 'mum' wouldn't say no to a bit more live nutrition, so get a breeding trap too for maximum survival.
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