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Jan 20, 2013
london ky
Hi from Kentucky
I'm new to the forum and a new hobbies to the fish world I recently got a 60 gallon setup with artificial plants wishing I had went with live plants after more research on fresh water aquariums my tank is still going through the cycling stage I have a have a penguin 350 filter with bio wheels and a fluvial 300wat heater and I just added led hoods !! I currently have 5 angels 2pearl gauramis 3 balloon mollies 4 Von Rio tetras 2 peppered Cory's and 2 clown loaches and so far so good if anyone has any advice please share thanks simply angels
Welcome. The advantage of going fake first is that it gives you time to research the types of plants and the requirements you need. They can always be added. Again welcome
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