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Mar 15, 2014
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Hows everyone!! Im super. Just wanted to introduce my self. Im kitty. And brand new to the forum and slightly new to fish keeping. And let me tell you me and my hubby jumped off the deep end!!!

It started out harmless enough. A tank for our daughters birthday. She was turning 3!! We did our reading and first week of sept we started the cycle in a 46g bow front!! Her birthday arrived and the night before we wrapped it!! At her party she had to say some magic words and tada. When she unwrapped 2 dime size koi angels. Ooof the happy face. And since then she chose 6 glofish. 2 ottos. A snail. And a roblem pair of german blue rams (more on that in a diff post)

Since then we hubby wanted to aquascape. So he has a 55g long with a evil vs good style scape. 4 angels. 4 guppies (he got free on a whim oys) 9 neon tetras. And a whiptail. And so many snails!!!!! Its going well but not growing in as fast as he would like.

and since I couldnt have fish I loved in there tank....I got my own. Its still in progress. Its a 30g and so far has a dragon goby (peranus (sp?)) 4 knight gobys. And I plan on getting a figure 8 puffer. Once I have him I will start process of going to brackish.

and last we have 2 tanks inkitchen one empty for later (cycled) and the other has 5 beutiful blues we hope wiyll pair up and we can breed. There are no local breeders and some "mom and pop" local stores would love to buy from us..if we get it working!!!!

Im also the momma of a 3 year old daughter 10m old son. 2 dogs and a cat. And married to my high school sweetheart. Feel free to ask me anything. Will be doing other posts with current problems so im surs to see ya'll around!!!


p.s. I cant figure out how to add pics here. So check out profile albums!
Hi Kitty! Welcome to the forum :)

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