Hi I'm Back and have a question on mixing oyster shells and playsand

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Susie Q

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Mar 2, 2008
I read the thread on play sand and was wondering if you could mix little oyster shells (feed shells) with the sand. My daugther found a site that gave full instructions on making your own reef rock with Redimix morter and oyster shells is this safe?

:DThanks for everyones prayers and well wishes.:D
I don't think there would be a problem mixing in a few shells with the sand for the substrate. Probably wouldn't be too good to add a whole lot tho as it could trap all kinds of junk in it.
There are lots of different recipies for making your own rock. The main thing is curing time. If you make some, make sure it's cured as directed.
... I agree with the curing time+the time it might take to let the solution dissipate any chems that might leech out. I don't have direct experience with this so you might want to wait till the folks that have done it chime in.
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