Hi newbie with questions Tia for help

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May 12, 2014
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These are 2 female guppies I have just brought from the pet shop, I believe they are pregnant and was wondering if so how long they have left? We were badly sold the fish and have 9 males to 3 females which we have now found out it should of been the other way around, the males are harassing the females, do I put them in a breeding tank inside the tank? Tia for any ideas help :)
The male guppys are bombarding these 2 females :-( little worried!
You should get the females out, the males will harass then to death. The proper ratio would be 3:1 fem to male, I'm guessing you knew this but the pet store didn't:/ the breeder net will be fine for separation..
I have a little tank for when they give birth, shall I put them into that? I just don't want them to be in there for a long time if still got a while to go before giving birth, but then again the males are as u can see really bothering them :-( I'm so angry at the pet shop they said it was 3males to 1female and later found out online it's the other way around :-/ and was sold way to many of them! Will be complaining, sorry for rant, just brand new at this and they shouldn't be allowed to sell them if they don't know about them, thankyou for ur help and very apprechietated :)
Can u tell stage/ how long they have left in the pics at top of post by any chance?
That is extremely annoying.. It also is a quick lesson in why we as customers need to do a little research on our own prior to purchasing. I've had issues myself after taking the advice of the Lfs guy.. Surely you can bring them back and get the proper stocking numbers?? I'm not sure about the whole guppy birthing process sorry..
Yes defiantly, I think we were a bit naive when getting into it how much there is to know about everything really, but can't take back just trying to make the best of the situation and keep them all alive and happy, thankyou for your help :)
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