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Sep 30, 2012
Boise, Id
I am a newbie at the saltwater, just over 5 months. I got interested in this hobby because i have had freshwater aquariums before, but always had an interest in saltwater. My first saltwater tank 120g w/40g sump. I hope to be able to take care of the fish I have, but I have a lot of questions! This is turning out to be way more advanced than what I had originally thought! My first week in the hobby I had to learn real quick about alot of things, like top offs. I didn't expect to have to add water every day, or how much. I am slowly learning, I have read so much in the past couple of months That I think my brain might be full! Then a new day comes, and a new set of problems arise. So Much to learn , and not enough time! Thanks to all that reply:thanks:
Welcome to AA glad you found us :) try opening up a build thread in the getting started section and we will be there with you from start to end to give you any tips/advice that you need.
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