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May 19, 2014
Hello All,

I am Sri, an aquarium enthusiast and just bought a new 240 litre fresh water, heated aquarium. I am an absolute novice when it comes to maintaining fish so I am really looking froward to gain some information from this site.

I had a chat to a fish store owner over the weekend, and he said that the fresh water fish are normally divided into American and African waters, and Africans are more colorful. Is that true? As my tank is relatively large, I am looking for fish that grow to a bigger size (8 to 10 inches).

Any suggestions for fish?

~ Sri
Hi, welcome to the forum :)

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Hi welcome,

Just a thought but are you aware of cycling tanks so that ammonia to nitrite to nitrate conversion via bacteria is built up? There are some stickies which can be posted to cover this with a few other things.

I think you are talking about cichlids there. Have you looked into any fish types that you like in the display tanks?
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