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Jan 22, 2013
Hi, ive just joined the site and im hoping by talking to everyone I can become an expert. I have a 180 litre tropical tank, ive kept fish for years but had to sell my tank over a year ago so not long since got another one, at the minute i have a long nosed elephant fish, 4 guppys, a swordtail, 2 blue rams and a gold ram, ive been having problems for the last couple of weeks ive lost so far a gold ram, a long nosed elephant fish and James Arthur my siamese fighing fish and 2 guppys, i put new sponges in the filter at the weekend and i now my nitrates high sho i think thats what killed 2 guppys and the siamese fighter, dont know why the others died, im using stability just now to try and sort it out, im hoping no more are going to die.
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