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Oct 18, 2014
in cornwall in the uk
hi there im new at here, iv been fish keeping, well started tropical fish in 2010 but have had goldfish before then. if u ask me watching your fish tank is more interesting than the tv lol. I have 3 tanks going at the moment and one is spare if I need it for anything. I have a red belly piranha tank, a tropical tank and a coldwater tank. it will be nice to chat to like minded people who enjoy fishkeeping so much they even dream about it lol
Hi, welcome to the forum :)

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I see u got snails

can u still buy apple snails these days, im looking for a little cleaning crew u see but I havnt seen apple snails for a while at the aquatic place.
I usually buy mine off eBay, i don't see as many in my lfs either since they changed the rules about selling them. You should have a look on ebay you might get a good deal.

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Welcome! I'm not sure if in Scotland apple snails are still available. Overhere in Holland they're still available but they're officially forbidden to sell.
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