Hibernating conch?

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Aug 21, 2012
melbourne, australia
Anyone know how long they can stay under the sand bed? I have 2 of these guys and they both went under about 2 weeks ago, I fished them out (afraid they were dead and decaying) but no they both alive. Stayed on top for a day then went back under. It's been another week. Anyone else have an experience to share? Now I can see their eyes I know they are still alive...


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I have two tiger sand conchs, two giant Florida fighting conchs and a queen conch. They stay under the sand most of the time. That's completely normal. They stay put in one place for extended periods of time if they have plenty of food available in that location. Out of 6 months I had the fighting conchs, I've seen them roughly 30 times. As for the tiger sand conchs, had one of them for 3 years and very seen it rarely. Only when they decide it's time to move to a different part of the tank. As long as you don't have any preditory snails like whelks or nassarius, they'll be just fine.
Yep I have one in my tank and he does the exact same thing. I was worried at first too but he'll come back up for long periods of time once he gets used to ur tank. Mine still goes under most nights.
A conch has no business being in any tank under 6'!

Seriously though, I've had them buried for months on end. Not exactly sure why though.
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