High Phosphate

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Oct 6, 2021
Spring Valley, NY
Hi, I have elevated phosphate levels. It’s hard to know the exact amount, I’m using api tester and the lowest detectable amount above zero is .25. I’ve been using phosguard by seachem with changing the media every few days but haven’t noticed any noticeable difference. Does anyone have recommendations for lowering the phosphate? I see phosphat-e by brightwell, but see mixed reviews some say it’s amazing, some say it needs to be dripped extremely slow and can still cause issues
I've used Poly Filter pads ( POLY-BIO-MARINE, Inc. ) in the past to keep a lot of organics at bay. What you need to do is have the water in the filter go through the poly filter pad last before going back into the tank so that the nitrifying microbes get fed before everything gets absorbed/ removed. One of the nice things with the poly filter is that it changes colors so you can see what it's removing based on the color it turns.
What size tank, what’s your livestock, and what’s your feeding schedule? You could try a flocculant, but may want to consider a more frequent water change schedule, since your PO4 is that elevated (if from food, or other additives) you may have several other unwanted organics in the tank that needs to be diluted.
"I have elevated phosphate levels". I take it this means high? " I’m using api tester and the lowest detectable amount above zero is .25." If so why does it matter how low the test kit will read? I don't know how this works never tested for phosphate.
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