High tech light option? SORAA Par38

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Feb 25, 2019
Hey guys, I just recently upgraded to a 90gal tank from my 40br and am looking at going semi-hightech. I already do CO2, ferts, and have two 36' beamswork FSPECs.

The beamsworks are 36in and so they dont fit perfectly and are an eye sore. I want to upgrade lighting but I dont want to break the bank. I was thinking at first to put a single finnex planted + but people are saying i would need another light on top of that. That quickly puts the lights over 200$.

Normally I design my own led boards but with this tank it would also cost more so here is my idea. I seen in a magazine a high tech tank was using SORAA lights for their tank. Looking them up I think i could get good results with two SORAA par38 (https://www.soraa.com/products/23-PAR38.php#) over both sides of the tank. Then lighting housings are cheap and a diy stand put me right around 150$ for what im hoping is a powerful lighting setup.

(ps, I want to grow some red plants, have some carpet plants, etc. That is what i mean by high tech)

What are your thoughts?
I don't keep plants, so I'm def no expert on how much lighting they require. Etc. But I have a finnex planted plus 24/7 on a 105g, it's a little deeper than my 90g by and inch or 2. It's very bright in there. I personally can't imagine that it's not bright enough all the way to the bottom for carpet plants. But like I said, I'm no expert, lol
Thanks for you input. Ill ask the people over on planted tank and see what they think.
i use 2 LED bulbs i forgot what wattage they are i think like 50 watts or so
they dont get hot
i might buy 2 more once i get my aquarium plants
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