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Nov 19, 2004
Rochester, NY
Hey everyone. I'm a complete amateur with the whole tank building thing, but I have dabbled in the fish area a time or two.

My experience has been limited to a couple oscars over the years and a few various small fish. nothing major. Due to military, I was never able to keep a tank set up for more than a year or two. I'm stable now, and I want to go for it!

Currently I'm trying my first 3d background for my 55 gal. I originally wanted it set up as a cicilid community tank, but the more I read about those, the less certain I am that I want to try that as my first BIG tank... I was thinking maybe gourami's? I dont know yet.. I'm sure I'll be aking a bunch of questions in the near future.

Anyway.. Hi and thanks in advance for answering all my dumb questions and not laughing TOO much at my total lack of knowledge!

Joshua O'Campo
thanks, but I've had the bad history of just kinda getting a tank and some fish, and throwing it all together. I've gotten lucky a lot. I know a little bit here and there, but just enough too kep the fish alive.

Currently, I have a 45 gal terrarium set up with an anole, 2 cories and a blue lobster. For some reason, my memory card died in my camera, so I dont have any pics of it right now, but I can put it up on my yahoo or MSN cam if anyone is interested. :)

My yahoo iD is Fehyd643
MSN is fehyd@rochester.rr.com
thanks for the welcome everyone. Can anyone help me with posting in the regional forums please? I guess I need special access or something? Thanks

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