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Jan 24, 2006
Long Island, NY
(This is a double post, so feel free to delete one of them if you have to)

I just bought a new glass Versa-Top for my 30gal tank. Right now my HOB is on the left side of the tank and that's where all of the current is. My rams pretty much hang out on the right side, where there is no current. The dominant pair settled in the right corner and the other pair were pretty much nomads because of the current on the left side. Whenever they drifted over to the center or right saide of the tank, they got chased back over to the left side again.

My question is: Does it make sense to put the filter in the center of the tank, creating 2 sides of the tank that are current free? How will this impact water flow in general. I get the impression that it would be more evenly distributed.

Since I'm about to re-do my entire tank over the weekend with new driftwood and plants, I want to make sure I get it right the first time.....
Center placement will give you the most even filtration. Hopefully there will still be a zone left on each side with low enough current for your rams.

Might consider downgrading the filter or going to two smaller filters to have lower current on both sides.

If you have plants, you can get away with considerably less filtration. The plants will absorb ammonia and Nitrate.
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