Hope i didn't bite off more than i can chew.

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May 2, 2011
I picked this guy up tonight. But I have only 4 T5's, 2 10k and 2 actinics. I have a 60 gallon that's been up for about 7 months with a fuge growing chaeto right now. Nitrates around 20 ppm and never over. Will this be alright? I'd hate to waste the money on it. I have a chalice and a nice frogspawn also with a few polyps in there too.


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216watt? Individual reflectors? Keep it high in the tank with good flow. Nitrates really should be kept in check at a lower level.
its a nice acropora. it really cannot be stressed enough that they require perfect water conditions ( might need to do more water changes to lower those trates), high lighting, and good placement with a medium to strong flow. Goodluck dude!

As a side note i found my acropora to consume a lot of calcium :p
My green clown goby won't leave the acropora alone too. Should I be concerned about this??
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