How are your rocks arranged?

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Jan 17, 2003
Tustin, CA
We haven't merged the two tanks yet (still trying to figure out where we are going to put it) Anyways, we want to do it really right this time, both the tanks have the rocks arranged straight across, I've seen other having their rocks arranged different. What I'd like to ask is how do you have your rocks set up, if you had to do it over again would you do anything different? Reason I'm asking is we aren't doing powerheads this time, we'd like to arrange it so that the flow will be enough to avoid dead spots if that is at all possible.

Look forward to what everyone has! :D
i have mine set up right in the middle between the front and back glass spread out the whole length of the tank with some stacked up so the corals are closer to the light
mine is set up with more too the left and it comes out too the middle then no rocks then the right side its built up, too help with your water movement do put the rocks against the back of the glass
boy I hope our 60 ends up looking 1/10th that good! What made you decide not to go all the way across? Did you find not as much rock easier for coral placement?
I'm not sure if we are going to keep our SPS in the 60, we have a nasty problem with little white nudibranches that I can't figure out how to get rid of.

Thanks to you three, we are still trying to figure out the plumbing and what kind of a sump/fuge can fit under the stand, we are currently looking at the Aquapro which comes with a skimmer.

Thanks again! Keep the ideas coming! :D
i would do like rr69 has. with a little break in the middle. this allows for those animals that like to be kept on the sand to have a place. my current tank does not allow this and i wish i could do it again.
I like space along the sides and back for clleaning and retrieving thos frags that always fall behind the rock work. There is acutally 1.5 lbs per gallon in ther...maybe a little more.

In my set up coral placement is a bear...everything has to be glued...but that's OK, I like the look ;)
Wow! What a beautiful tank I read that one post you had and went to your site. So beautiful very envious! :)
hey reefrunner, next time you scrape off your coralline can you bag it and ship it to me? :lol: wish i had that much
LOL, someone was doing just that at one point in time, seems like I saw a thread on it here or maybe on another forum.
Thanks for the kind words, possum its around 650 in the main and 1000 in total.
Here is a pic or 2 for ya


8O 8O 8O i am in shock!!

when i get rich you are gonna set my tank up for me! lol
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