How can I attach wood to glass?

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Oct 19, 2021
I am wanting to add a few pieces of drift wood to my tank and have decided that I would like to mount them on the "side walls". It is not super heavy drift wood and they both have a flat surface that I would use against the glass (shown in photo). I am thinking of drilling divets and using aquarium safe silicone (or epoxy?) in the divet to attach suction cups. Could magnets also be an option?

Would this be an effective way of attaching them to the glass? Any tips, tricks, and general McGyver-y knowledge would be greatly appriciated.


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I’d use magnets, never done it personally but I’ve seen people using magnets to support floating reef structures so it should work with wood too.
If the magnets don't work, a couple pieces of slate siliconed like a book end with the wood attached to the side might do it.

You might try boiling / soaking the DW making it heavier so it doesn't want to bob up as much.
Ended up buying some neodynium magnets and am going to coutersink drill the wood and use marine grade epoxy to set them in the wood... will post updates

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