How exactly do you do FW dips??????

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Hmmm, i honestly don't know,,i tend to think it will be OK,,just keep the light on it...Maybe google it
In my opinion I would go with the fish being treated separately and leaving your main tank alone for at least 6 weeks. Doing hypo in a smaller tnak would be alot easier than doing it in a 150 gallon tank! And then theres corals, inverts and other creatures that you might have in there.

Just my 2 cents, looking for the easiest solution for ya.
I'm not saying this is a better choice ,but just another option..
Might be easier to move rocks and corals than catching the fish..The rocks will probably have to come out anyway to get the fish..
Plus the 150 may never have a PH change,,something your going to have to monitor in either tank
I think Im going with leaving the fish and moving the rock. Ill also move the chateo and caulerpa and just leave the lights on. Ill take out all the hermits and clams and snails I can find. I just cant catch my grouper and wrasse.
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