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Aug 19, 2004
Mays Landing, NJ
I was just wondering what everyone's feeding schedule was. I have two fish... a tang and a trigger and a few inverts that eat mainly algae. When should I feed the fish? They eat mostly pellets but get a meaty snack every few days.
I think it depends on the fish. Some people feed their eels twice a week, I feed my tang at least twice a day, trying to always have something for him to graze on whenever he feels like a snack.
I feed mine every day in the evening. Also clip a sheet of nori after dinner. I know other have less frequent feedings, your mileage may vary.
Me too on the once a day. I've gone for 3 to 6 days out of town with no food and no problems. I did feed a little heavy before I left though.
I feed every-other day for 2 little guys (royal gramma and a clown). Don't let them trick you, they always act hungry - especially the clown!

Ya cause I typically feed more than once a day but very very small portions... I shake the pellet (strainer top) can once which usually is about 5 or 6 pellets... I do it about 2 or 3 times a day. The fish never seem to miss much.
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