How were you introduced to the hobby?

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My family has always loved aquariums and fishes.
My mom gave me a fighting fish when I was just a kid
to teach me how to take responsibilities.
From fighting fish to gold fish, angel fish, oscar fish
and now we have an arowana and flower horns.
One of my favorite things to do when I was really little (3 or 4) was to help my dad with the 75 gallon tank we had set up. My parents had both kept fish off and on for years, and I grew up with stories about my mom's oscars and gouramis and mouthbrooding cichlids. Then when I got older I kept bettas. And when my beloved betta, Dimitri, died after living in a bowl in my room for about a year and a half, I was heartbroken. And it just so happened one of my aunts was in town visiting, and she felt bad for me, and told my mother she was going to take me to the pet store and get me a new betta. By the time we got there she revealed she had other ideas, and I came home with a 10 gallon tank setup. My mom was a bit mad, but of course my aunt managed to talk her into the whole thing. She taught me about cycling the tank and took me to get a couple fish about a week later. I've had at least one tank up and runnning since, with the sole exception of the 2 years of high school I spent living in a dorm and most of my freshman year of college, also in a dorm. By the end of the year I broke down and got the biggest tank the school allowed (a 1.5 gallon, technically half a gallon over the limit) and a betta. Soon followed by a couple bowls as well. Once I got an apartment, MTS came back in full force and I have 3 tanks running and the 1.5 out of use.
My Neighbor was selling a 55 gallon corner tank for 50 with stand and everything. I been into fish ever since and now have a 62 gallon cichlid tank as well.
As a kid my mum had two 6ft tanks. One goldfish the other a tropical community (though it had some aggressive species). I haven't had fish since then until a workmates little girl gave my son her tank and fish as they moved far away. It's only tiny but we now have an additional 4 tanks since then waiting for our house move before we set them up.
My mother in law gave me two little tanks with two bettas. I wasn't into fish but then they grew on me and now I'm addicted. All my friends/family ask me how my fish are doing and asks to see pictures of my tanks.
Boogety48 said:
My mother in law gave me two little tanks with two bettas. I wasn't into fish but then they grew on me and now I'm addicted. All my friends/family ask me how my fish are doing and asks to see pictures of my tanks.

Bettas are a gateway fish, haha!
As kids my sisters and I had goldfish on and off over the years. They never lasted long because they where in bowls. In my teens I had a couple of bettas in giant champagne glasses (shudder) and an axolotl for a while. When I was 19 (I think) my then boyfriend had a community tank and a large Oscar. When we broke up I got the Oscar (sushi :)) but he died of bloat about a month later. We both knew nothing of the nitrogen cycle and all he ever got fed was bloodworms and feeder guppies. Poor thing.
After my son was born my mum gave me her goldfish that lived in a bowl. My daughter accidentally killed him. :( So i decided to get her some guppies. We bought a 8g tank and crammed 6 guppies, 2 BNP, 3 glass cats and two mystery snails in it. About 2 weeks later I found AA and my love and knowledge of fish grew! I upgraded to a 70g within weeks and traded some of my fish in at my LFS. I still have one of the original guppies and the two BNP. :)
My dad kept pirañas 6 of them when I was young. He used to starve them for a week and then put one large goldfish in and make me watch. (I cried) When I was bad or misbehaved he would put my hand in the tank and remind me of the goldfish. That went on for a while until my mom noticed one day and she fed the pirañas sausage. The next day they were belly up. As a kid I was happy to see them go. (as an adult I know it wasn't any wrong doing of the fish) either way that was my intro and I didn't really have any desire to have any other tanks until I became a mom and my daughter wanted fish. Thats when I realized I really did love fish and my previous experiences were not at my fault. (for years I was blamed for the pirañas deaths) It's been 15 years now and my daughter has outgrown the curiosities, now my son is interested. Plus I find them extremely therapeutic, there's something very tranquil in the way they move and their whole environment. Very good for the soul :)
My friend had a 20 gallon tank and was telling me how easy it was to keep. She said she wished she could see what kind of tank I would make if I were into it. She told me about fish in cycling. And she assured me I could get a setup going for $50. (Haha) So I saw this deal on a 45 gallon on Craigslist. Started researching. Found out about fishless cycling. Approximately $600-800 later I have my happy tank! Lol.
My dad got me into guppies when i was a kid. He had a bedroom turned into a Fishroom and it was fun to watch the little babies grow and i have always loved guppies since.
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