Hydor Koralia 4

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Jan 1, 2007
Came home today to find two boxes on my front stairs. Finally, my koralia 4's have arrived after a 3 week wait. Initial observations? So far they are terrific. The flow is much wider than the Nano 6045 and seems to cover a larger area. The only negative is the size. They are much bigger than the small compact 6045. That's okay though. The two Koralias along with the 6045 in a 120g tank, I have all the flow I need. It looks great.

Now to find a way to hide them. Maybe cover them in some rock or something so that they blend in with the aquascape.
I love mine! I have 2 in my 125 and two of the 2s in my 55. I switched over from SEIO and they aren't as bulky as the SEIOS. Also, you will notice your snails can crawl all over them and not get sucked in or stuck.
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