I am in love :)

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Jan 12, 2011
Winnipeg, Manitoba
I finally found a source of pure strain Endler's livebearers. Ones that AREN'T crossed with guppies.

And... wait for it... I am in love. These teeny little fish are the most splendid things I have ever seen. They are magnificent. They are a hundred billion trillion times more beautiful in real life than any pic I've seen.

I guess this post doesn't really contribute much to the community ;), other than a plea to consider Endler's if you need teeny tiny fish for a smaller tank.

They're in a dark quarantine tank right now, but I will take a pic tomorrow.

Love them. I have a chair parked in my kitchen so I can sit and watch them.
I'm also looking forward to pictures. Congratulations on finding some!
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