I have my Sand Fall Up & Running But:

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The pump should be good, and the airstones are similar 2 what i used... 1 should be enough... when i made mine i made it so i could raise and lower the stones as lower produced more sand flow, higher less, and even higher the sand would stop.
Also, it looks like you have a short fall in a taller tank... letting the excess air out the top and making ur fall as tall as the tank will also help. Idk if you can see the bottom hole on mine in the pics, but it was @ the bottom of the pool, and the top was positioned so it was half out of the water, as well as having an open hole in top for air 2 get out...
OK this is what's happened now..

Our local Petsmart has told us to empty our aquarium due to losing fish so now I'm putting Black Diamond Sand in the bottom of the aquarium instead of rocks... so now I can have a Sand_fall that doesn't have to have a bowl it can just pickup sand off the bottom and pull it up and back down I guess now I've got to start all over on the design and build of it.. Any Ideas on this type I've got to Google for some ideas right now just trying to get the aquarium back up and running got the fish in a 10g sick tank until I can get back up and running

Thanks Mike
I dont think it will work that way... the sand will end up 2 far from the intake...
Ok this is the newest update for Sand_Fall

I've now got my aquarium set-up as a mock salt water tank with black sand and white sand on top topped with 1/2" of crushed coral I have fake coral and reefs in the tank with a large corner piece of decor similar to this:
Life & Style Collection Coral Reef Décor Desktop Aquarium Insert - Decorations - Fish - PetSmart

I have some room in the middle and at the left corner if you're looking at the front of the tank and I will post photos as soon as my tank clears as the crushed coral has it cloudy at the moment.. I ask for any ideas what I would like to is have a piece of plex=glass from the middle top all the way down to the bottom about 5" wide and the actual Sand_Fall pouring down from the top water level to the bottom and have all clear so I don't have to paint anything just place it with suction cups and hook it to a pump and watch white sand flow down the back inside of the aquarium to the bottom .... Can this be done and what do I need besides Plex-Glass, PVC Pipe and Air line tubing and Air Stone..

Thanks Mike
Just be sure with your crushed coral that you keep an eye on your PH levels. From what I understand the coral will raise your PH pretty high. I can't wait to see pictures of your tank with the sandfall!
You will def have to watch ur ph with coral in there. But if you look @ my design and use it 2 design ur sandfall you can prob do it... just remember 2 not seal around where the hose goes in the top, and make it so the top hole is half out of the water so air can freely escape and not keep the sand in. This is why you dont seal the top also.... and you WILL need a small "pool" at the base where the sand will go into the lifter tube... good luck!! If you have any issues just ask.
Ok here we go again

I've started the clear view Sand_Fall using pled-glass and 2" clear tube on the back with a collection pool at the bottom and 2 air stone mist into the tube using the JW Pet Company Fusion Air Pump 700 Aquarium Air Pump

As suggested I'm letting the clear 2" tube run up and above the water line at the top using heater suction cups to keep the Sand_Fall from moving ( I Hope )
My aquarium is 19.5" tall and that's not counting the layer of black diamond sand and the crushed coral which will take away some of the height in the aquarium so this is the dimensions of the Clear Sand_Fall 8.5" Wide
Just the Clear Tube is 20" and can be adjusted to whatever height I need

here is a photo of the front and back of the Clear Sand_Fall

I need any suggestions that any of you may have do's and don't's

(1) Look at the sand pit please
(2) Tube @ top needs opening in plex-glass right or wrong ?
(3) not completed yet have to mount all suction cups held in place now with tape
(4) Look at 2 mist air stone placements please

(5) anything that needs adjusting or changed

if you will look close at the photos please you will see notes I've added
in PhotoShop to be able to tell what is what...


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Yes you will need a way for the sand 2 come out where you marked a possible hole. You only need 2 airstone also. A T joint would be the best, or cut the tubing and use an elbow to get the sand out, keeping the top part of the elbow above the water so air can get out... ill link you a youtube vid that shows the basics of how 2 make a sandfall work.
here is a altered photo of Clear Tube

With the T on the top where the sand will flow out and down..

***Note>I haven't siliconed the T yet...

Let me know ok
Thanks Mike

P.S. Thanks for the Video also


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Drew and took a pic of the best set up... dont silicone the pieces. Should have a snug enough fit without it. Just push the ends through the holes...


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I haven't been on for a few

day's working really hard to get the Bow Front back up and going we added about 4 1/2" of Black Diamond Sand and about 2 to 2 1/2" of Crushed Coral into the tank about 3 days ago and the aquarium is still foggy but it's clearing up day by day we took the Marineland 360 canister apart and it was full of sediment so we cleaned it out and I've had the Tom Mr Cleaner siphon running for about 5hrs a day and its working great at getting loose sediment out also. I've got a little work to do on the sand_fall and thanks for the drawing it cleared up the question I was having about the T and also the elbow at the bottom.. I painted the Sand_Fall a bright yellow and we've decorated the Bow Front as a mock saltwater and added these guys some Red Parrot's, Jack Dempsey's and a 2 Convicts and 1 Texas Cichlid and awaiting the water to clear up before we Add BuckShot back into his new home... He's doing great each day we're seeing him get back to his old self... We Love Buckshot he's the Man.
I will keep you all updated on the deco and especially about BuckShot

Thanks Mike _ Tina

I will be uploading photos of the aquarium and Buckshot and his new family..
It's Been AWhile And Now..

Hello everyone,
it's been awhile since I've posted anything on here sorry for that I've been in the hospital with chest pains may have a blockage will know the 29th of May
So the Bow Front is back up and running great it's clear and we have a good bunch of fish, 2-Convicts, 4-Jack Dempsey's, 4-Parrot Fish, 1 Texas Cichlid, and BuckShot is doing Great all the black spots that were on him are all gone..

Sand_Fall well it's works on and off I still can't figure out how to keep a steady stream of sand running.. I used the 1" pvc pipe with elbow at the top drilled a hole for airline tubing and I have a regular airstone and then another mist stone to help with suction but I get plenty of water coming out of the elbow and sand every once and awhile ? I have a stainless steel bowl filled with black diamond sand in the bottom of the aquarium and I've got the Sand_Fall sitting in the bowl with a plastic bowl attached to the Sand_Fall itself with a opening in the back of the plastic bowl where the slot is cut in the 1" pvc pipe

I'm uploading photos here and in my photo album I will name it

The Bow_Front South American Cichlid Site

Thanks and if anyone has any ideas on the sand streaming down the Sand_Fall more please let me know.. this is driving me crazy...


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How far down are the airstones?? You want then just above the hole where the sand goes in... close up pics of the fall will help... tank looks great tho!!
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