I love it when a plan (and I do mean PLAN) comes together...

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Nov 27, 2006
Charlotte, NC
Some pics of my 150g. Hope you like...


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Moved to SW showcase forum:

Looks great :D How old is the tank? How is the lr secured? Love the aquascaping :D
I like it! What are the deminsions on that tank? I have a 125G and it is 6 feet long.
Awesome tank.

It looks like a GC Square. I know glass cages makes them in 100, 125, 130, 140, 175, 240, 310...etc etc. Im sure they have made 150's before.
Good work. I like the caves and other places for the fish to swim through.

Thanks for all the nice comments. I will try to answer some of your questions... The tank is up since December. I was lucky to find some nice live rock from existing reef tank for around 6 bucks a pound the mushrooms and pulsing xenia came in on that and took off. Then it was just being patient and trying to find nice peices of rock that I liked. It is secured with zip ties and epoxy.

Currently I have 2 X 400 watts mh in the canopy. This week I am adding 2 x 54w x 48 inch long blue actinic t5's and 3 sets of lunar light moonlights. These will run on a timer with 1-2 hours lights for dawn, meytal halide and blues for 8-10 hours, then back to blue for dusk, then switch over to moonlight.

The tank is an all-glass, 48 long x 24 deep x 30 high, predrilled. I got a super deal from a dealer in Lakeland Florida on the tank and custom finished birch stand and canopy (~$800, hard to beat).

And yes, the fiance plays a major role. She has to get the credit for the aquascaping and bearing part of the financial brunt. Luckily she would rather get a new coral than a new purse (at least that's what I like to think, but I know it's not really true...)
Stunning-I love the shape of the tank, and everything looks so beautiful. Worth the planning, and the expense (easy for me to say).

Well done!
I love the aquascaping!!! Great job by your fiance! I have a hex tank, and I fried my brain trying to find ways to best aquascape. Both halves of your tank would have been great in mine! Next time, I'll consult you two!
Wow!!! You and your soon to be wife did an awesome job on the rockwork!!! That is going to be one awesome tank in about a year!!! I can't wait to see what you add to it!! Great job and keep the pics coming!! You know how we love them here on AA!!!
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