I might have found a great new lighting source! hopefully..

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Mar 14, 2009
Oklahoma a few block away from O.U
i was surfing the web a few days ago and came across a site called
americanaquarionproducts.com first has anyone ever dealt with them and if so are the reputable? i was looking at lighting...you can almost never to much light lol but there was a section about a "sho power compact" bulb
these are some of the specs on it:
• 8000 hours average life
• 85 watt SHO produces 5100 lumens, the equivalent of a standard 425 watt bulb while the 105 Watt produces 6300 lumens, the equivalent of a standard 525 watt bulb
• 60 Lumens per Watt
now I'm no lighting expert and i read the entire piece on the site about par kelvin rating and all that.. still kinda sounds like gibberish to me though the terminology just gets me and all the little factors are a but confusing. here is the link to the page COMPACT FLOURESCENT LIGHT BULBS; Standard and SHO CFL aquarium bulb & double socket.
cool they seem like a good site i just never see their name on here thats all any ideas on the lighting, it sounds like a great way to get good lighting for a fraction of the cost and space
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