I need a new filter

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Aug 9, 2006
I looks like it's time for me to get a new filter.
I currently use. on all of my tanks .the Whisper 3 (for tanks up to 55 gallons). On my 55 gallon tanks I use 2 filters each. Why???? In case 1 of the filters stop working,and they sometimes do, the oither is taking care of it.
Now I'm starting to have trouble with the filters. Instead of being a whisper, they're shouting and besides that the bio bag replacements have doubled in price. When you're using 5 or 6 filters, and each one uses 2 bags that have to be changfesd each minth, that gets expensive.
What I like about the Whisper is that it's simple to use and takes up very little room.
Does anybody have any suggestions for an INEXPENSIVE (CHEAP) easy to use filter that I can start replacing the Whispers that I now have
As always..................THANKSA for any suggestions or help
I would suggest Aquaclear filters made by Hagen. I run AquaClears on all my tanks and all I do is squeeze out there sponges every 2 weeks, there are no extra cost for me since I don’t have to buy cartridges nor do I use carbon in my filters. I run an Aquaclear 110 on my 55 gal tank. Aquaclears are not the cheapest filters but if you have nothing but the sponge in it the savings add up over filters that you have to buy cartridges for.
shawnryan1977..........So in your Aquaclear you don't use any cartridges with the sponge? You just use the spionge and squeeze it every 2 weeks ?

How clear is your water?

Thanks for your reply

No Cartridges and I just squeeze the sponges every 2 weeks when I am doing water changes. I use allot of driftwood in my tanks and in about a week after doing water changes I start to notice slight tinge in tanks that have new driftwood but the tannin does not bother me or the fish I keep. I do 50% water changes every 2 weeks and that seems to keep my tanks nice and clear beside the tannin. If you want to use something in it and keep your costs down my one friend uses purigen in his AquaClears to clear up his water and it last him a long time since when it gets old all you have do is soak it in a bleach/water mix to renew it, he loves it since he rarely has to buy more.
Ive had bio wheels, tetras and aqua techs, I now have an AC70 plus another on the way for my 55, never going back to anything but AC's.

Best part is the media is 100% customizeable to YOUR liking, not the filter companies.
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