I need a new test kit

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May 10, 2005
New York
I need a new test kit. I am currently using the AP Master Test kit. I have both the Freshwater and the Saltwater version for my tanks. The chemicals are running low. I do not have hardness or calcium tests. I am undecided on what kit to buy. Should I just replace the AP kit and purchase the seperate needed tests or just get the Nutrafin Test Master Lab Kit? Any recommendations on the accuracy of the Nutrafin?

Here is a link for both tests.

AP Kit

Nutrafin Kit

For a large test kit I would get the aquarium pharmaceuticals master test kit, It has most of the basic things but I would add on a calcium and a few others like maybe strontium and phosphate depending on your needs.
I (and many others) really like Salifert test kits. Pretty much any kit will do for ammonia, nitrite, and nitrate. But for Ca, Alk, and PO4 Salifert is the only thing I will use.
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