I need all your help on this one!

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I agree. I would not want a tank just sitting on that trim. Definitely doesn't seem safe.
BTW, AGA-All Glass Aquariums is now Aqueon.
IMO if the tank has a plastic frame, then all the support needs to be on the outside edge. It appears to me from your photos that there is no support on the inside of the stand for the tank to sit on. I recommend contacting the manufactures.
Here is a shot of how our tank sits on the stand that was sold to us as a complete set from the LFS. and there is no way that the tank will sit inside the stand, but I will contact the manufacture and see if this is correct or if I was sold the wrong stand.


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Sassy- When you put the tank on the stand, was there a gap between the tank and teh center brace?
I found another one to. I just talked to a guy that has a 120g All Glass, with an All Glass stand. It looks to be the same stand design that I got. He says the same thing, the thing just sits right up on the rim.

Fishyfanatic there is a brace for the center of the tank but it does not even touch the tank, here is a pic of the bottom of the tank sitting on the stand.


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I have a 55AGA and the stand that goes with it. It looks just like the stands that are pictured above. My tank fits down into the stand about 1/2 -3/4 of an inche. There is a support on each end and in the center of the stand that the tank sits on.

From what I am looking at on my stand the "trim" piece is only attached with finish nails and doesn't look like it would support much weight. I would check with AGA before putting a 120 on the stand like that.
The tank should sit flush with that center brace. I am guessing that it was a flaw in production. I wouldn't feel comfortable putting the tank on the trim piece.
Maybe it is a new design.....? I have an AGA with the majestic stand and it sinks down, you can't see the bottom plastic of my tank's rim. I am still weary of it being on the top of the rim, if you bump it...what happens...?
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