I want something to make my 50 gall reef tank pop right now

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Jan 20, 2012
I want something to make my 50 gall reef tank pop right now it's boring help me
What all is in the tank right now? Do you have pictures to share? If we know what you already have, we can suggest new additions. If we can see the layout, maybe we can suggest ways to change it up.
Ok I just turned on my lights and fish are still hiding


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I have a 2spot tang 2clowns 2blue damsels 1sail tang and 3lined damsel
I am not sure what kind of lights you have, but you could look into some kind of clam. :)
I'm a big fan of torches, hammers, and frogspawns! I like the things that move with the current
I don't see a frogspawn or torch coral. So those can be something you can look into. Also you can try getting blue or waving hand Xenia.
Maybe try a different background. Maybe just me but the planted one doesn't seem to fit Here's mine

Lights off

lights on
I agree maybe change the background an you could always add some nice colorful corals, mushrooms etc... Really bring that tank life. Also what kind of lights are you running? Like the other poster said a clam would be a nice addition.
Mushrooms. Frogspawn. Most deff a Duncan. That blue background does look great. I'm going to have to turn my black one around lol
Acans, bubble coral, Kenya tree, blastos, rics, rainbow monti, chalices, sun coral, devils crown. I could go on and on. Just depends on the wallet size.
Torch and a orange plate !! And burn that background lol some green and red mushrooms bring nice color to the tank 2 and they are easy and with the blue lights on they POP
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